What Kind Of Friend [Fall 2015]

  • 28/09/2015
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    [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]
What Kind Of Friend [Fall 2015]


‘What Kind of Friend?’ – This EP grabs you immediately by showcasing the bigger and bolder sounds that have been coming from tenek’s studio as they continued to build a new foundation for their third album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (Release: November 2015).

This release comes with two outstanding alternate versions: a hard hitting powerhouse mix with an almost thematic feel from UK composer/producer/mixer (Andy Gray / aka Grayedout), and a second with a most unexpected darker sound for the band (remixed by Martin Swan / Vile Electrodes). An added bonus is the inclusion of a remixed track, ‘Sombre Friday’ that originally debuted on tenek’s first album (Stateless). This release definitely takes the listener on a journey through the deep grooves and will get everyone moving!

[Digital Release ℗ 2015 – Tenek / Alien Six Productions (UK), Distortion Productions (North America)]

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What Kind of Friend? – Radio Edit 3:48
What Kind of Friend? – Grayed Out Remix (Remixed by Andy Gray) 6:53
What Kind of Friend? – Miami Odyssey Synthporn Mix (Remixed by Martin Swan/Vile Electrodes) 5:40
Sombre Friday – Alternate Mix (Remixed by Geoff Pinckney) 4:09