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EP1+ [2014]

‘EP 1+’ is the Remastered EP 1. Plus 4 bonus remixed tracks by Louis Gordon, Starstruck and Cramp.
Where it all began…
During 2007, both Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer realized that they missed performing live and writing music that they wanted to create without any specific commercial considerations, so tenek released the self-funded limited edition EP1 CD. It soon sold out and became the catalyst for future releases – “Stateless”, “On The Wire” and various EP’s.

Tenek vs The Last Cry – feat Julianne Regan (EP) – The Sophie Lancaster Foundation [2013]:
Julianne Regan (All About Eve) teams up with Tenek and The Last Cry to release six-track charity single in aid of anti-hate campaigners.  All artist profits from sale of the tracks will be donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation .
“We are delighted to be involved in this project,’ Tenek said. “We both feel that The Sophie Lancaster Foundation does a tremendous job raising awareness for those with alternative lifestyles who get victimised and attacked whilst going about their daily lives. We hope that by releasing this EP with our great friends ‘The Last Cry’ we can help to raise money and awareness for what is a very worthwhile cause”

Another Day (EP) [2013]

This EP brings us brand new material from tenek for 2013!! Available on CD and download from all popular online stores.
It features the title track “Another Day (Radio Edit)”, along with an alternate version for the dance-floor remixed by Airwolf One / aka Alberto Trevisan), both tracks immediately grab the attention of the listener!
Then there’s the epic “A New Foundation”, which offers a darker and perhaps more mature sound for tenek. Besides all this there is a bonus, remixed 2013 version of one of their most popular tracks, “Elusive”, originally from their “EP2” release in 2011. All of these serve to remind us of how great tenek’s song writing continues to push new creative envelopes, as well as their thirst to try new ideas as their musical career expands into new directions.
Sept 2007 saw tenek release their first EP, and since then, with each new recording the band continued to grow both musically and in the live arena where they have gained a substantial worldwide fan-base. ‘Another Day’ is another brilliant example of how tenek can create a new vibe with their music, yet manage to retain the core tenek sound that everyone has grown to love.
‘Another Day’ EP offers a mere tease of what is to come from tenek’s forthcoming 3rd album!!

Oct 2007 saw tenek release their first EP. Since then, with each new recording the band continued to grow both musically and in the live arena where they have gained a substantial worldwide fanbase. EP2 brings tenek full-circle. It celebrates their beginnings and offers a foretaste of what is ahead for the third tenek album…
Available from Monday 10th October on CD & mp3 EP2 features brand new material from Tenek for 2011. The romantic “What Do You Want?” features none other than Chris Payne on Violin. Chris played with Gary Numan from 1979 to 1989 and contributed the awesome violin solos for such tracks as “Complex”, “The Joy Circuit” and “Cold Warning”.
Also included on the EP is another brand new song “Elusive” and alternate versions of two of the most popular tracks from their current album “On The Wire”. These serve to remind us of how great tenek’s song writing can be and add yet another perspective to some of their best work to date.
What Do You Want? tenek leave it for you to decide…
ON THE WIRE: moving up to higher ground…
Following in the trail of last years critically acclaimed début album Stateless… “On The Wire” sees the return of a more worldly-wise tenek. The songs and sound have stepped up a notch as they continue to mature and experiment with new themes and influences
A lot has happened for the band in the last eighteen months and it shows! Having toured extensively throughout the UK, mainland Europe and Russia with artists such as John Foxx, Gary Numan, The Human League, De/Vision, A Flock Of Seagulls, Iris and Assemblage 23, tenek have grown in confidence and channelled their experiences back into their music.
Credible and satisfying, “On The Wire” has turned up the power and emotion with new songs that are deeply engaging and uplifting. A strong, confident second album of pounding electronic rhythms, driving guitars and simple but powerfully affecting choruses that will be running around inside your head for days….
BLINDED BY YOU: TENEK are back with a new sound…
Tenek in 2010 are invigorated and unstoppable. Back from a major European tour with De/Vision, tenek are already creating a buzz with their new single Blinded By You…
Available from Monday 5th July on CD & mp3, Blinded By You has been road-tested on live audiences over the past few months and has already established itself as one of their most infectious and anthemic crowd pleasers to-date. It has all the elements that you would expect from them. A solid electro groove with nods to the past, present and future and a hook that is simply relentless. Perfectly crafted synth pop which the fans adore, with mass appeal and cross-over potential.
For this release, the song has been reworked in both single and epic extended formats by Shaun Brooks and the single also contains an exclusive b-side Synchronise, (a dead cert to become a live favourite) which in the tradition of all good b-sides shows the band having fun with something a bit left field!
The first offering for 2010 and a precursor to the much anticipated new album”On The Wire”, (on general release in September) Blinded By You is screaming vitality and is an essential purchase for fans and new converts alike…
STATELESS: One who exists yet doesn’t belong anywhere…
There will be many that have felt this way, most of us are alienated and lost for most of our lives. Yet we press on and continue to be whoever it is we think we are meant to be.
tenek have fought to be themselves through many different guises (Glasshouse, The Nine, Alien 6). Only now though have they found their true identity and Stateless is their call to arms. A combination of anger, pop, frustration, electronics, bewilderment and sheer determination bark out at you in every song.
The music is gloriously electronic, the songs are contagious, the influences are worn proudly like medals of honour and most importantly the listener is left feeling part of something, something that is no longer Stateless…
The much anticipated debut album from tenek proves that music doesn’t have to be disposable…
SUBMISSION: Echoing guitars, huge bassline, heavy grunge
synths, MASSIVE Numanesque chorus done in a bang up to date fashion. The song is so catchy, it’s dare we say, almost ‘pop’ and in a good way that will remind you of when pop was actually bloody good!
Two storming new songs from tenek plus some excellent remixes… all concrete and no filler…
WHERE’S THE TIME?: A slow buzzing pulse with a pounding beat kick-start this dark electronic power station into action.
Heavily laiden with questions, deep industrial beats, slick rhythmical noises and an enormous chorus that demands attention!
Where’s the time? A pretty big question if you think about it; and tenek want the answers…
THIS EP: is the original demo CD from the electronic duo, tenek.
Originally pressed as a four track single and later re-issued on the Toffeetones label, this limited edition rarity has long since sold out but is now available as a digital download for tenek completists.
Due to publishing issues “Lifeline” has been reluctantly withdrawn but the bonus, unreleased Louis Gordon remix makes up for it!
The ORIGINAL tenek demo EP for collectors and completists! Now available for download with the added bonus ultra-rare, remix of “If I Should Fall” by electro legend Louis Gordon…

Another Day (EP):
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Single Review: Tenek – Blinded By You

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via ReverbNation:
For some reason or other, the news of a new release from Tenek is always gladdening. We have witnessed this with their past releases, and now the news of their “EP2” coming in early October with Toffeetones Records is coming right to us. Especially as this is tell-tale of work in progress, and we are indeed able to see or better said listen through the EP what their next full-length release is going to be like. And frankly, it’s going to be really something. “What Do You Want” is provocative, teasing and the sound keeps the melancholic vein of “On the Wire” adding on top of it resplendency and an energy that sounds really great in combination. “Elusive”, who semantically draws upon the same scheme that gave “The Art of Evasion” is just as much a very contemporary song and an unnamed tribute to our beloved music of the 1980’s – with a very good edge and powerful magnetism.” (see also screen shots saved)
Chi Ming Lai – The Electricity Club
“’Submission’ by Tenek is an electro driven popster that’s instant, incredibly catchy and massively commercial. Tenek bring pop sensibility to the electro table with ‘Submission’; it’s a punchy, hard-driven song rammed with sonic whines, dark grooves, industrial noise and all kinds of techno wizardry. ‘Submission’ is quite obviously a great track for the specialist dancefloor but, unlike most of their contemporaries, Tenek give their song a massive dose of pop likeability that takes ‘Submission’ to another level altogether; no longer just a club-scene song but now a real contender for full-blown chart success in the open market. ‘Submission’ works on every level really; it’s got Pet Shop Boys-esque instant appeal and Gary Numan oomph but without a hint of retro anywhere – quite a combination, quite a single! ”
Octavian – Toffeetones EP2 revies
“ This year has been notable for the number of male electro combos getting their act together after a 2009 dominated by girls. So one very pleasant surprise is Blinded By You, the fantastic new single by alternative electro faves TENEK. Leaving their previous Depeche Mode/Mesh roots behind, Blinded By You is danceable and catchy with hints of The Human League’s The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. There are even bright uplifting synth pads as if to counter the darker edge that was prominent in TENEK’s earlier work. Their new album due for release in September promises even more synth pop anthems.”
Submission — >
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