EP2 – DIGITAL Re-Release [Sept, 2020]

The long-awaited and critically acclaimed ‘EP2‘ has been brought back from the tenek vault!


September 2020 brings the re-release of tenek’s second EP, ‘EP2 [originally released by Toffeetones in October 2011] but has not been available on any digital platform since 2017. This EP has now been made available once again to the public in DIGITAL format ONLY via the band’s imprint label (Alien Six Productions).

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Update from the band – EP2 Digital Re-Release [Sept, 2020]

TENEK_EP2_2020_8x8_72dpiWe just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been pre-ordering EP2, we really appreciate your support! Even though we are still busy working on our other projects away from tenek, it is very important to us that our complete back catalogue that was regained in 2017 gets reissued on all digital platforms. There are still more releases to come which are the ‘Where’s The Time?‘ and ‘Submission‘ singles. These will be minus the remixes from Shaun Brooks (Toffeetones) as he will not let us use any of them or the original artwork which is a shame. We may join the two releases together to make them better value for money and there may be a bonus track(s) as with EP2.

There have also been some early discussions about a rarities EP or album, probably for Bandcamp only, we had loads of different versions of tracks plus early demos and even some plain daft things too! It will require a bit of sifting through the archives but will be intriguing to see what we find? Please let us know if this is something you might be interested in seeing happen.

We also hope you enjoyed the new ‘Chameleon‘ track that was released on the final Electronic Saviors compilation album (ES6) which was our first new material in 4 years.  All proceeds go to a very worthy cause.

We hope that you enjoy the bonus track on EP2, something a little different, and an insight into some of the ways we tried to write and record back in the day!

Once again, thanks for all your support.

Pete & Geoff xx


On the Wire – Digital Re-Release [2019]

Tenek - OTW CoverArt 2019

Album artwork redesigned by Cheri Freund.

Another fan favourite from the tenek vault has been brought back. tenek’s critically acclaimed second album ‘On the Wire has now been made available once again to the public in DIGITAL format ONLY via the band’s imprint label (Alien Six Productions) to include such singles as: ‘Blinded By You’ and ‘Higher Ground’ … among many other fan favourites + a bonus track Continue reading “On the Wire – Digital Re-Release [2019]” »

What’s S.U.P.? [March, 2019]

Greetings Everyone!

We’ve appreciated all the ongoing support you’ve given and we felt it was about time to start sharing some of the exciting news that’s been stirring behind the scenes.

As some of you know, tenek are taking a bit of a hiatus. Things may seem quiet on the outside, but that’s definitely not the case! We’re pleased to announce that in late 2018, tenek have some of their music signed up with a couple US-based publishers for film & television.  Also, some of you have been making enquiries regarding availability of their back catalogue, so we will be making another announcement about that as well in the not too distant future. Continue reading “What’s S.U.P.? [March, 2019]” »

The Electricity Club 2CD Compilation [November 2018]

tenek is pleased to announce participation, along with an impressive list of names you might just recognize!  Featuring an exclusive mix of ‘What Do You Want?’ by tenek.  Amour Records / Minos EMI / Universal Music in collaboration with Undo Records are to release a 2CD compilation compiled by THE ELECTRICITY CLUB — songs from under the circuit boards is now available for pre-order from POPoNAUT and Storming the Base, out on 30th November 2018. Info and track listing here 🎼🎹 http://www.electricityclub.co.uk/the-electricity-club-2cd-…/


Stateless Re-Release [March, 2018]

Album Art - Stateless 2018 Release

Album Artwork Re-designed by Cheri Freund

Back by popular demand and on the 9th year anniversary of tenek’s debut album, ‘Stateless‘ has now been made available once again to the public in DIGITAL format ONLY via the band’s imprint label (Alien Six Productions) + two previously unreleased BONUS REMIXES that were only available on a ‘Club Promo’ CD (No Time For Fighting – JAB KO Remix Full, and Breakdown – Electric Petal Remix by Glen Wisbey).

[Catalogue Number – ASP011]

Having fought to be themselves through many different guises (Glasshouse, The Nine, Alien 6).  A combination of anger, pop, frustration, electronics, bewilderment and sheer determination bark out at you in every song.
The music is gloriously electronic, the songs are contagious, the influences are worn proudly like medals of honour and most importantly the listener is left feeling part of something, something that is no longer Stateless… [Released in 2009 by Toffeetones] – CD no longer available!

*Be sure to keep an eye out for additional Digital Re-Releases coming soon!

November 2016…a busy month!

November brings not only a new EP, ‘Imitation of Life‘, but also a brand new music video! There will be guest bloggers sharing about their contributions to the EP, including a few words from the Director of the music video and of course an entry from Tenek. So…watch this space!

* For those early birds….Pre-orders for the EP (CD format) can be found on the band’s online shop or for those wanting a digital version, you can visit their bandcamp page.



Electronic Saviors v4 feat Exclusive Tenek Track!

Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Volume 4. Retaliation

After the successful contribution on the ‘Electronic Saviors v2’ [2012], we’re pleased to announce that TENEK have been invited back to help out this worthy cause.  An EXCLUSIVE remix of, “What Kind of Friend? – Republica Balkan Boogie Mix[by Tim Dorney/Republica], will be featured [disk #3] on the new Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Vol 4 — coming out on June 10th, 2016 — released via Distortion Productions and Metropolis Records! ALL profits go towards charities fighting Cancer.

We thank you for your support.

*To Pre-Order the Limited Edition 6-CD set, please visit -> http://electronicsaviors.com/


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