The Electricity Club – 25 FAVOURITE SYNTH INSTRUMENTALS Of The 21ST CENTURY [April, 2017]

Text by Chi Ming Lai
25th April 2017

TENEK Ice Fields (2007)

Borrowing the distinctive bassline from SIMPLE MINDS’ 1981 single ‘Love Song’, Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer put together this lively instrumental for their debut TENEK EP. With a modern mechanical groove coupled to their trademark synth rock, the almost funky ‘Ice Fields’ became an early live favourite, although the duo have focussed on more song based adventures for their three albums to date, ‘Stateless’, ‘On The Wire’ and ‘Smoke & Mirrors’.

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Side-Line Magazine – Imitation of Life EP Review


Written by Stephane Froidcoeur (Belgium) – Reviewer at Side-Line Electro Industrial Music Magazine [Feb 2017]

Background/Info: Geoff Pinckney (in a previous life member of The Nine and Alien#Six13) and Peter Steer are back on track unleashing an EP of 8 songs. The tracks are taken from their latest album “Smoke & Mirrors” (2015), which was Tenek’s third full length.

Content: In fact this EP features 2 EPs. There are 2 parts each featuring the title song plus 2 remixes plus one extra song. The songs of Tenek are carried by solid melody lines, catchy sequences, danceable vibes and a talented vocalist. Continue reading “Side-Line Magazine – Imitation of Life EP Review” »

Electronic North – Smoke and Mirrors (album review)


Written by Jason Pearson – Reviewer / Music Blogger at Electronic North [Jan 2017]

You know those comments you get on YouTube video, when someone posts ‘they don’t make music like this anymore’? Well, yes they do and Tenek deliver the proof.

Tenek are able to take a mixture of all the best bits of chart toppers from a fertile period in Western pop (the mid 80’s), while completely refusing to indulge in cheese, irony, nostalgia or any retro cliches. It is modern and very forward looking.  Pure power pop delivered with outstanding contemporary production and mixing. Continue reading “Electronic North – Smoke and Mirrors (album review)” »

Electronic North – Imitation of Life EP Review


Written by Amy Griffiths – Reviewer / Music Blogger at Electronic North

[Dec 3rd, 2016]

I’m finding more and more that no matter how much time you spend listening to music, going to shows, and paying attention to what’s being released, there’s just so much good stuff being released at the moment that sometimes, something that it should be really obvious you’ll enjoy just manages to slip through the cracks. But as a UK based electronic band who count several of my closest friends amongst their fans, and have three albums spanning almost a decade to their name, the fact that this is my first introduction to Tenek is, frankly, unforgivable. Continue reading “Electronic North – Imitation of Life EP Review” »

Electronic Sound Magazine – Smoke and Mirrors Review

Written by Push - Editor & Reviewer / Electronic Sound Magazine (Issue #18 - Jan, 2016)
Tenek_Smoke and Mirrors sm
TENEK "Smoke And Mirrors"

Riding the crest of the new wave of British synthpop

In the last decade or so, there’s been a splurge of UK bands influenced by the sounds of the early 1980s and, it would seem, pretty much nothing but the sounds of the early 1980s. A lot of them are old enough to have experienced this period first-hand for themselves. Some are so shamelessly derivative, they could pretty much be tribute acts.

They make for what is a curious and intriguing scene, existing in a little retro bubble on the far fringes of the electronic music spectrum. It’s almost a kind of new wave of British synthpop, or NWOBSP as we call it round our house, a tag inspired by the so-called NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal), the movement that saw a resurgence of hairy headbangers in the aftermath of punk. Remember The Tygers Of Pan Tang? No? Well, why would you?

I don’t suppose Tenek have been compared to Iron Maiden too many times, but there is a correlation in the sense that....

Side-Line Magazine – Smoke and Mirrors Review

Written by Stéphane Froidcoeur - Side-Line Magazine (Belgium / Jan 2016)

Background/Info: Geoff Pinckney (The Nine, Alien#Six13) & Peter Steer (mainly known for his work as a producer) are back on track unleashing their 3rd full length to date. Five years have passed since the previous album (cf. “On The Wire”) although the band released several EP’s in the meantime.

Content: Tenek remains to me one of the most underrated electro-pop bands in the scene. “Smoke & Mirrors” only confirms their great writing skills, and...

Dsoaudio Music Blog – Smoke and Mirrors Review

Written by Rob Dyer - music blogger at Dsoaudio music blog.

Tenek_Smoke and Mirrors sm

"Smoke & Mirrors" (Album, 2015) !Recommended!
Alien Six Productions

This latest album from Tenek was three long years in the making. Which, when you listen to the production alone, you can readily believe.

Tenek occupy their own special musical place. There's hints, echoes and traces of...

Mike Slifkin Alternative Podcaster – Smoke and Mirrors Review

Written by Mike Slifkin - NUPOD / Alternative Podcaster

"Smoke & Mirrors is the 3rd album from Tenek following on from Stateless in 2009 and On The Wire in 2010. The album kicks off with Everything Lost, a bass heavy grower of a track that oozes subtlety whilst still having one of those killer Tenek choruses that you find yourself singing along to. On this track, you know you're on safe familiar ground. A solid start and a good way to reintroduce Tenek after a long absence. 8/10

Next up is Fear For Nothing...

White Lion Radio – Smoke and Mirrors Review

White Lion Radio - written by Gary Hunter  (Dec, 2015)

Tenek make a welcome return with their new album "Smoke And Mirrors", the follow up to the 2010 album "On The Wire".
The first thing that is immediately noticeable is how much fuller the sound is, which is down to the fact that some new musicians have joined the "Tenek family". Drummer Steve Clark who's contribution to this album should not be underestimated, in addition on Bass on some of the tracks are Michael Steer, Paul Jackson and Sam Morrison. It definitely adds to the powerful sound of the album.

The opening track "Everything Lost" is...
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