Guest Blogger: Matt Jessup [Nov, 2016]

Guest Blogger, Matt Jessup talks about his inspiration for creating the piano remix of Tenek‘s, ‘A New Foundation‘.
That’s a No.1 if ever I heard it”, was my initial reaction upon hearing ‘A New Foundation‘, The second being “I wish I had written that”. Every so often, a song comes along that is perfect from start to finish. Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, James Blunt’s ‘Carry you Home’ and the Legendary ‘Are Friends Electric?’ from Tubeway Army are just 3 that come to mind. The latter I also covered as a piano version.
I followed Tenek since ‘Stateless‘, the boys have written and produced some cracking songs. I don’t just cover any old song, just great songs that command respect, so I showed my respect by recording a piano version. They say a great song can be played on acoustic guitar or just a piano. ‘A New Foundation‘ is a great song and the piano version was my way of saying thank you to Tenek for a great song. It was even more of an honour to find out that my piano version was played as Miss Lisa May walked up the aisle on her wedding day to become Mrs Lisa Steer.
Thanks again to Pete and Geoff for ‘A New Foundation‘.”
*To preview:  Click Here – Full version will be available on Tenek’s ‘Imitation of Life‘ EP!