On The Wire Digital Re-Release [2019]

Another fan favourite from the tenek vault has been brought back. tenek’s critically acclaimed second album ‘On the Wire has now been made available once again to the public in DIGITAL format ONLY via the band’s imprint label (Alien Six Productions) to include such singles as: ‘Blinded By You’ and ‘Higher Ground’ … among many other fan favourites + a bonus track Synchronise” which was previously only available on the ‘Blinded By You’ Single. These releases are strong and confident with pounding electronic rhythms, driving guitars and simple yet powerfully affecting choruses that will be running around inside your head for days!

*The album is available from our BandCamp page!

© 2011/2020 Tenek / Alien Six Productions (UK). Album artwork redesigned by Cheri Freund.

Originally released in 2011 on CD (Toffeetones Records – limited quantities available)

Date [05/04/2019]
Catalog [ASP012]
Genres [Electronic/SynthPop/Dance]
Artists [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]