Submission [2009]

Submission (EP) – Echoing guitars, huge bass line, heavy grunge synths, MASSIVE Numanesque chorus done in a bang up-to-date fashion. The song is so catchy, dare we say, almost ‘pop’ and in a good way that will remind you of when pop was actually good!

[Released in 2009 by Toffeetones].


No Time For Fighting 4:10
Submission (Starstruck Mix) 7:39
Submission (Dubby’s Dark Dimension) 7:49
Submission (Toffeetronic Mix) 6:12
Submission (Add Your Voice) 3:35
Electronic/Dance/Synth Pop 3.35

Date [04/30/2009]
Catalog [ASP003]
Genres [Electronic/Dance/Synth Pop]
Artists [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]