Pete's Blog – Stateless Re-Release (Part I) [March, 2018]

Hello All,
Things have been pretty quiet on the tenek front for a few months as both Geoff and myself work on other projects such as ‘Silent Unseen Productions‘ and as many of you know I’m currently working with Bristol band ‘Sinestar‘ in the studio and also live too. But we have been busy behind the scenes with preparations for the back catalogue re-releases that we have planned for 2018.

Album Art - Stateless 2018 Release

Album Art – Stateless 2018 Release

For quite a while, since we parted company with the Toffeetones label back in 2012, we have been trying to sort out getting our back catalogue back under our control. This has taken some time but last year we finally managed to come to an agreement with the label. Part of this process required the removal of all of our Toffeetones material from all digital stores. Because of this, we have had numerous enquiries as to why our music is no longer available from iTunes, Amazon and of course Spotify!
We are now in a position to re-release almost all of our Toffeetones material (excluding several remixes for contractual reasons) and the first will be our 2009 debut album ‘Stateless‘. This will include new updated cover artwork by our wonderful PR manager Cheri Freund plus two previously unreleased remixes which originally featured on the CD only ‘Club Remix Promo‘, also from 2009. The two new remixes are the full JAB KO version of ‘No Time For Fighting‘ plus the ‘Electric Petal‘ remix of the album opener ‘Breakdown‘ which was remixed by Glen Wisbey of Essex synth duo Modovar. The latter was actually the winner of a remix competition that we ran back in 2009 when we invited people to give us their take on the track. Now that was an interesting experience!
The release date for the album will be March 20th via our Bandcamp page which is the actual date of the original release and it will be available from all other digital stores one week later. As for CD’s, they sold out quite a few years ago from the Toffeetones store although there are still a few places that may have a few copies left if you look online. As the CD becomes more obsolete, we decided that it would not be cost effective to press any more copies. So if you have one, definitely worth keeping hold of it.
I also plan to write a much more detailed blog about ‘Stateless‘ and the writing and recording process, plus what the release of the album meant to me personally too. This should be online in the next couple of weeks, although my track record with these blogs is not always particularly punctual as Cheri will testify!
As always, we thank you for your support and continued interest in tenek and our individual projects. It really does mean a lot to both of us!
Speak soon,
Pete S.