Pete's Blog: Tenek Update [September, 2017]

Hello all,
I thought it was about time for another blog regarding the band and what’s been happening as we’ve received quite a few enquiries about the future of Tenek. Most recently we’ve been concentrating on the preparations for our 10th Anniversary show at the Dave Charles Extravaganza at Market Harborough which we performed at last weekend.


Photo by Andrew Garley

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone that came down to support us and all the other bands at the event. It really was such an honour to headline on Friday night alongside Rainland, John Costello and Dancing With Ruby. All are good friends of ours and we’ve shared the stage with them all at various shows/events over the years. The whole weekend was a fantastic celebration with a lovely atmosphere and it was also a great way for everyone to come together and thank Dave for all his support in the 10 years that he has been broadcasting his legendary Sunday night show from HFM.
Photo by Ammie Sandquist

Photo by Ammie Sandquist

We’d also like to say a huge thanks to everyone (far too numerous to mention!) who worked at Enigma Bar to ensure the show ran as smoothly as it did on both nights. Our rhythm section was quite simply the best we’ve ever had and sounded incredible. So a very big thanks to Steve Clark on drums and Michael Steer on bass guitar for all their hard work and preparations for the show and taking the live sound to the next level.
Photo by Ammie Sandquist

Photos by Ammie Sandquist

DC10 Set List

DC10 Set List

As regards the future of tenek, we’ve both decided that now would be a really good time to take an extended hiatus and work on some of the other projects that we’ve wanted to do for a while. We’ve been working as tenek for over ten years now and before that we were working on another project called Alien Six Productions. More recently we’ve been playing less live shows and this was our first performance in over 18 months as we felt we should celebrate our 10th anniversary. Currently there are no plans to take on any further gigs for the foreseeable future but we haven’t totally ruled out doing them at some point if and when we feel the time is right. There are also several unfinished tracks in the tenek vaults and no doubt we will revisit them at some point as they are far too good to go to waste and not see the light of day.
Photo By Charlie Maxwell

Photo by Charlie Maxwell

Personally, I am really looking forward to working on some new projects with some other musicians and producers and I always really enjoy performing live so you never know where you might see me onstage next. I suspect 2018 is going to be a very busy year and as these new ideas and songs start to develop, rest assured that Cheri and myself will keep everyone informed of what both Geoff and myself are doing as things unfold.
Photo By Ammie Sandquist

Photo by Ammie Sandquist

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has supported tenek over the last ten years, attending gigs as well as purchasing our music and merchandise. We really appreciate your support and it has helped the band exist for over ten years which is a long time, particularly in the current musical climate. We both hope that you will listen to and support whatever we do next too!
Best Wishes – Pete Steer
Tenek_DC10_StatelessScrnGeoffHenman copy

Live footage provided by Geoff Henman – tenekStateless‘ [Dave Charles Music Extravaganza 2017]