Dave Charles Music Extravaganza – Pete's Blog [August, 2017]

As many of you know, we are playing our one and only gig of 2017 on Friday 1st September at the Dave Charles Music Extravaganza – Club Enigma in Market Harborough, UK. It’s Dave’s 10th anniversary of his Sunday night radio show on Harborough FM (102.3) and also ties in rather nicely with our own 10th anniversary too, so we felt it was a good opportunity to celebrate on both fronts.
Dave has been a tremendous supporter of the band over the years and was almost certainly the first to play our music on the radio. I think we found each other on Myspace (remember that?) back in 2008 when we were about to release our 2nd single ‘Where’s The Time?‘ which coincided nicely with a Gary Numan interview on the show. Since then we’ve been played on the show hundreds of times and have done numerous live interviews and been guests in the studio too, often during the riotous and chaotic Christmas shows!
It’s been a bit of a while since our last show in Southampton in March 2016 and the live tenek line up has changed with my brother (Michael Steer) coming back on bass guitar duties. I have to say that the rhythm section is by far the best that it’s ever been which includes our drummer (Steve Clark) and we are all really looking forward to the show on the 1st September. The set has also changed, we’ll be playing some earlier stuff plus some rarely played songs too as we felt that we wanted a good cross section of material from the 3 albums and numerous EPs that we’ve released since 2007. We are also looking forward to playing alongside bands such as: Republica, EMT, Sinestar, Dancing with Ruby and John Costello who we’ve shared a stage with before.
We’ve both been really busy with other projects recently and these will start to emerge later in the year and for 2018. We also have several new tenek songs, one of which we hope may become a single at some point in the future. Because of our other projects and commitments there are unlikely to be too many tenek gigs for the foreseeable future so if you haven’t seen the band recently or ever… then now would definitely be a good time to come and see us. After all, it’s not that often that a band makes it to a 10th anniversary these days!
We’d also like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has supported the band over the last 10 years, it’s been quite a journey and many of you have been there right from the start. I certainly never thought I’d be writing a blog on our own website to celebrate 10 years, 3 albums and many gigs in UK & Europe! We hope to see you on the 1st & 2nd September in Market Harborough.