Geoff Pinckney

My Mercurial Drive

This is a series of both ambient and uptempo, electronic, instrumental ideas I’ve been developing over the past few months. I’m taking advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to get them finished and out into the world.


Solo Work

These are songs that I have written and produced myself in my usual indulgent manner! There’s some old works on the Bandcamp site too.


Silent Unseen Productions

Silent Unseen Productions is home to the creations of Geoff Pinckney and Gary Cantini. Writing electronic music of quality and distinction for film and television.


Murmurs Of Earth

Murmurs of Earth is the vehicle to release the inner electronic synthpop of Richard Sinclair. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes danceable, always rhythmic….


Muzik Orphans

Muzik Orphans is the creative outlet of Geoff Pinckney and Gary Cantini. We wanted this project to have an underlying techno foundation. It’s a bit dark, sometimes epic – we just go where the music takes us!


Resident 24

yet another electronic collaboration between myself Gary Cantini which has a more free form approach. An exploration of electronic moods and grooves.