Another Day EP [2013]

Another Day‘ – This EP is another brilliant example of how tenek can create a new vibe with their music, yet manage to retain the core tenek sound that everyone has grown to love.

Featured within this release you’ll find the title track, “Another Day (Radio Edit)”, along with an alternate version for the dance-floor remixed by Airwolf One (aka Alberto Trevisan), both tracks immediately grab the attention of the listener!

Then there’s the epic “A New Foundation”, which offers a darker and perhaps more mature sound for tenek. Besides all this there is a bonus, remixed 2013 version of one of their most popular tracks, “Elusive”, originally from their “EP2” release in 2011.

All of these serve to remind us of how great tenek‘s song writing continues to push new creative envelopes, as well as their thirst to try new ideas as their musical career expands into new directions.

 [Released 2013 – Tenek / Alien Six Productions]

CD Artwork and Design by tenek and Cheri Freund

Date [11/03/2013]
Catalog [ASP001]
Genres [Electronic/Electro Rock/Synth Pop]
Artists [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]