On The Wire [2010]

“On The Wire” – A strong, confident second album of pounding electronic rhythms, driving guitars and simple but powerfully affecting choruses that will be running around inside your head for days…  [Released in 2010 by Toffeetones].

Losing Something 4:44
The Grid 4:28
Higher Ground (Album Version) 4:00
Field Of View 3:56
No Time For Fighting (Album Version) 4:13
Blinded By You (Album Version) 4:35
Loose Connection 4:23
Visions 4:37
The Art Of Evasion (Album Version) 5:29
On The Wire 4:14
Under My Skin 5:14

Date [6/09/2010]
Catalog [-]
Genres [Electronic/Dance]
Artists [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]