Stateless [2009]

tenek‘s debut album – Having fought to be themselves through many different guises (Glasshouse, The Nine, Alien 6). Only now though have they found their true identity and ‘Stateless‘ is their call to arms. A combination of anger, pop, frustration, electronics, bewilderment and sheer determination bark out at you in every song.

The music is gloriously electronic, the songs are contagious, the influences are worn proudly like medals of honour and most importantly the listener is left feeling part of something, something that is no longer Stateless…
[Released in 2009 by Toffeetones]

Breakdown 4:10
Submission (Album Version) 4:26
If I Should Fall (Album Version) 4:21
Where’s The Time? (Album Version) 4:22
All The Same 4:24
Fatality 2:52
I Don’t Cry (For You) 3:51
Less Is More 4:34
State Of Mind (Album Version) 4:26
Stateless 5:52
Sombre Friday 4:11

Date [04/30/2009]
Catalog [-]
Genres [Electronic/Dance/Electro/Synth Pop]
Artists [Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer]