Imitation of Life CD – Double EP


Imitation of Life CD – Double EP

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The EP:
This double EP comes bundled with two growing fan favourites: “Imitation of Life” EP (inspired from their recent album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’) and ‘What Kind of Friend?’ EP (previously only sold in digital format), so why not put all on one CD!
Imitation of Life’ – brings us a bigger sounding remastered track, along with two brilliant remixes: an 80’s analog remix (Nik Hodges) and a darker rock edge remix (Ghostlights / aka Sam Morrison). And then to add something completely different and unexpected to this release – an exceptional piano rendition of “A New Foundation” (Matt Jessup).
‘What Kind of Friend?’ - comes with two outstanding alternate versions: a hard hitting powerhouse mix with an almost thematic feel from the well known UK composer/producer/mixer (Andy Gray / aka Grayedout), and a second with a most unexpected darker sound for the band (remixed by Martin Swan / Vile Electrodes). An added bonus is the inclusion of a re-mastered track, “Sombre Friday” that originally debuted on tenek’s first album (Stateless).
For those who prefer digital format, this four track EP is available from our BandCamp page!
© ℗ 2016 – Tenek / Alien Six Productions (UK)
"Imitation of Life" - Main image provided by Vincent Kavanagh
"What Kind of Friend?" - Photography by Simon Watson & John Newstead
CD Artwork and Design by Cheri Freund


Imitation of Life (Tenek) 4:14
Imitation of Life - Pre-Midi Remix (Nik Hodges) 5:18
Imitation of Life - Pale Imitation Remix (Ghostlights) 4:39
A New Foundation - Piano Version (Matt Jessup) 5:13
What Kind of Friend? - Radio Edit (Tenek) 4:14
What Kind of Friend? - Grayedout Remix (Andy Gray) 6:53
What Kind of Friend? - Miami Odyssey Synthporn Remix (Martin Swan) 5:40
Sombre Friday - Alternate Mix (Geoff Pinckney) 4:10

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