Side-Line Magazine – Imitation of Life EP Review

Written by Stephane Froidcoeur (Belgium) – Reviewer at Side-Line Electro Industrial Music Magazine [Feb 2017]
Background/Info: Geoff Pinckney (in a previous life member of The Nine and Alien#Six13) and Peter Steer are back on track unleashing an EP of 8 songs. The tracks are taken from their latest album “Smoke & Mirrors” (2015), which was Tenek’s third full length.
Content: In fact this EP features 2 EPs. There are 2 parts each featuring the title song plus 2 remixes plus one extra song. The songs of Tenek are carried by solid melody lines, catchy sequences, danceable vibes and a talented vocalist.
The remixes reveal less familiar names like Nik Hodges, Ghostlights, Matt Jessup, Andy Gray and Martin Swan, but add cool alternatives to the original versions. The last song (cf. “Sombre Friday”) is a so-called “Alternative Mix” by Geoff Pinckney. The original edit has been featured on the debut album of Tenek “Stateless” (2009).
Next to the original songs of “Imitation Of Life” and “What Kind Of Friend?” I heard real great remixes. There’s a cool and catchy remix of the song by Nik Hodges, but especially the remix of “What Kind Of Friend?” by Andy Gray is absolutely phenomenal. This song is into pure power-pop, driven by a menacing bass line and great guitar playing. I also have to mention the dreamy and intimate “Piano Version” of “A New Foundation” by Matt Jessup.
I expected at least one new song, but “Imitation Of Life” is more an EP to bring the fans back to the latest album.
Conclusion: I always have supported Tenek and this new EP will not change my point of view. This is definitely one of the most underestimated electro-pop bands from the scene. This EP features a few great and styled remixes.
Best songs: “What Kind Of Friend? – Grayedout Remix”, “What Kind Of Friend? – Radio Edit”, “Imitation Of Life”, “Imitation Of Life – Pre-Midi Remix”, “A New Foundation – Piano Version”.
Rate: (7½).”