What's S.U.P.? [March, 2019]

Greetings Everyone!
We’ve appreciated all the ongoing support you’ve given and we felt it was about time to start sharing some of the exciting news that’s been stirring behind the scenes.
As some of you know, tenek are taking a bit of a hiatus. Things may seem quiet on the outside, but that’s definitely not the case! We’re pleased to announce that in late 2018, tenek have some of their music signed up with a couple US-based publishers for film & television.  Also, some of you have been making enquiries regarding availability of their back catalogue, so we will be making another announcement about that as well in the not too distant future.
Even though the band is on a bit of a break, creativity doesn’t stop for either member! In fact, both fellas (Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer) each have been quite busy with various exciting side projects these past few months and more in the works.
*Coming soon… more about what all Peter Steer has been up to lately. (*hint —Sinestar, and various other side projects in the works…) Stay tuned!
So, what has Geoff Pinckney been up to?
Geoff has been busy with a collaboration project called, Silent Unseen Productions (comprised of Geoff Pinckney and Gary Cantini) which is mostly involved with sync licensing. And now…we thought we’d make some of these tracks available for purchase (digital release) ONLY via BandCamp!

In the studio

Geoff – in the studio

In addition to S.U.P., Geoff continues to compose music for film/television for US publisher (Black Toast), as well as his solo work and another side project (Resident24). *Now available for purchase, be sure to check out the links below!
Silent Unseen Productions
Geoff Pinckney Solo Work
*Stay tuned for more news coming!!
-Cheri Freund PR/Mgr