Guest Blogger: Sam Morrison [Nov 2016]

Guest Blogger, Sam Morrison talks about his inspiration for creating the remix of Tenek‘s, “Imitation Of Life – Pale Imitation Mix.

Remixing as a bad pun

When part of your MO for doing a remix is what kind of terrible pun you can make in the title, it can sometimes be hard to remember which came first. Did I call it the “Pale Imitation Mix” because I’d decided to do a remix inspired by the minimalist electro/industrial of Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Hesitation Marks’, or did I decide to do a minimalist electro/industrial remix because “Pale Imitation mix” was just way too good a play on the title for me to ignore? Continue reading “Guest Blogger: Sam Morrison [Nov 2016]” »

Guest Blogger: Matt Jessup [Nov, 2016]

Guest Blogger, Matt Jessup talks about his inspiration for creating the piano remix of Tenek‘s, ‘A New Foundation‘.

That’s a No.1 if ever I heard it”, was my initial reaction upon hearing ‘A New Foundation‘, The second being “I wish I had written that”. Every so often, a song comes along that is perfect from start to finish. Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, James Blunt’s ‘Carry you Home’ and the Legendary ‘Are Friends Electric?’ from Tubeway Army are just 3 that come to mind. The latter I also covered as a piano version. Continue reading “Guest Blogger: Matt Jessup [Nov, 2016]” »

Guest Blogger: Director Vincent Kavanagh [Nov, 2016]

Guest Blogger, Writer/Director/Editor – Vincent Kavanagh shares a few thoughts about his inspiration for creating  Tenek‘s, “Imitation Of Life’ (Official Music Video).

“My collaboration with Tenek and why it’s cool…


I am the one responsible for tenek’s new music video. So direct all complaints towards me.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. One of the most difficult aspects of production I think, is convincing others to believe in your vision in order to land an opportunity that is sought after by countless other talented individuals. So I was quite excited when I received the news that I’d landed my first Music video.

Science fiction is one of those interesting genres. A science fiction film from the 60’s may no longer be considered science fiction today. Films have predicted a lot of new tech. The Simpson’s also predicted president Trump. Just thought I’d throw that into the mix.

Anyway, one of my key inspirations for the concept of the video was the 2009 film “Surrogates” starring Bruce Willis. Now, objectively not the greatest film of all time, but the concept of humanity living through remotely controlled robots was utterly terrifying and fascinating to me.


Continue reading “Guest Blogger: Director Vincent Kavanagh [Nov, 2016]” »

Imitation of Life – Pete’s blog [Nov, 2016]

‘Imitation of Life’ was one of the last tracks that was written for the ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ album and it was around May/June 2014. The original demo was entitled ‘Stuntman’ and at the time we were trying to write something a little less electronic and something with a more ‘New Order & Kasabian’ vibe. This track marked a big change for the band as it was the first song we created in Cubase on the studio computer as previously we were using Logic X so it was a bit of a learning curve at times during recording!

This started out with a very simple vintage drum machine pattern, some basic guitar parts and the prominent lead line in the chorus. It also had the ‘gothic’ style motif in the bridge which I thought sounded similar to ‘The Cure’ and possibly a touch of Peter Hook too. Even though it sounds like a lead guitar, I’m certain it was played on my trusty Squire Fender Precision bass guitar which I paid £71 for on eBay which has to be one of the bargains of the century! It got used on several of the album tracks actually, it records so well and has that Bruce Foxton/Paul Gardiner sound that I’ve always loved.

Continue reading “Imitation of Life – Pete’s blog [Nov, 2016]” »

Coming Soon: Guest Bloggers!

We thought it would be nice to invite some guest bloggers to share about their participation in Tenek’s forthcoming EP release. So be sure to watch this space! – P & G


July 2016 Update

As announced on the Dave Charles show on HFM 102.3 (July 10th), we will be taking part in the ‘Bands On The Run 1‘ walk through the Brecon Beacons in September. We’ll be joining many other bands including Dancing With Ruby, Sinestar, Low Tide Theory and EmT to raise money for the excellent Nordoff Robbins charity. If you would like to be involved and join us on the walk, there are some limited places available so please contact Dave for further details. You can also donate via the Just Giving page below, the aim is to raise £1000 and above! Thanks for your support, very much appreciated. P & G xx

Mid-June 2016 Update…

Within the next 12 months we will celebrate 2 big landmarks for the band. 100 gigs and 10 years together! To think that we only released the debut CD back in September 2007 to test the water and see if anybody was interested in this new project. The idea was just to write and record music that we really wanted to with no commercial constraints using all our influences from across the board and to just see where it might take us.. Certainly a lot further than we’d imagined at the time! So a big thank you to everyone who has supported us by coming along to see us play or buying our music & merchandise. We never take any of it for granted and it is very much appreciated, more than you’ll ever know!

-Pete & Geoff xx

June 2016 Update…

So here is the latest blog, I must apologize for our lack of news and updates recently. I think we’ve forgotten about our plans to do these regularly once the new website went live. Must be an age thing!

The year got off to a great start for us, we played 2 fantastic gigs in Bristol (as special guests to Sinestar at their ‘Evolve’ album launch) and then onto Southampton with our good friends Vile Electrodes and John Costello. Great attendances at both which was very encouraging to see for all the artists involved.

Since then Geoff has been extremely busy in the studio producing other artists and working on various projects for film and TV. Geoff was also invited by De/Vision to contribute backing vocals for a few tracks on their newly released album box set, ‘De/Vision 13’. Guess which ones! [Click Here]   Shortly afterwards, came the first release from this Summer’s production sessions with a new project from Richard Sinclair called ‘Murmurs of Earth’ and the single is called ‘Take It All’. This will be released on all major digital platforms on the 1st July via our  Alien Six Productions label. [Click Here]

I’ve been spending my time updating my own studio with new software and hardware including Logic X, Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer and the Novation Ultranova synth which will replace my Akai Miniak at future live shows. So there has been much reading of manuals, tech phone calls, video tutorials and occasional head scratching of course! As always, we’d like to thank our friends at Absolute Music who are always so helpful to us and come up with many helpful suggestions regarding our studio and live set-ups.

We have also recently commissioned a video for a track from the ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ album which is currently in production, we are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product as it is a very interesting concept. This is planned to help promote our next EP which we are aiming to release later this year to include some remixes and also a brand new track that we are currently working on. Plans are in motion to release this EP and the ‘What Kind of Friend’ single (which was a digital release only) together on a limited edition CD so more news on this soon.

This month has also seen the release of the ‘Electronic Saviors – Volume 4’ compilation from Distortion Productions (also our US label) via Metropolis. As many of you know, we appeared on Volume 2 back in 2012 with the exclusive ‘World of No Relief’ track and we are delighted to be involved in this new release too. The track featured is ‘What Kind of Friend? – Republica Balkan Boogie Mix’ which was remixed by the brilliant Tim Dorney. These compilations are to raise funds for cancer charities so please support if you can. Jim Semonik has once again done a tremendous job putting this all together and is an inspiration to so many people. [Click Here]

We are currently pulling together some live dates for later in the year to coincide with the release of the next EP, so once these are confirmed we’ll let you know when and where these will take place.

For anybody that might want a ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ limited edition t-shirt, now would be a good time to order one as stocks are getting low and we won’t be getting any more of these made! [Click Here to Order T-Shirt!]

That’s pretty much it for now and hopefully we can be more regular with these blogs, as always we’d like to thank your for your support. It is very much appreciated!

Pete x

Smoke and Mirrors Album Launch Party

Photography by John Newstead / Simon Watson Photography © Tenek 2015

Photography by John Newstead / Simon Watson Photography © Tenek 2015

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came down and supported us at the album launch in London on Saturday night at The Garage London. The atmosphere in the crowd and onstage was something very special and will remain with us for a very long time! New bass player Patrick Bennett made a tremendous debut and Steve Clark has now become a vital cog in the rhythm machine of the band. It was also a slightly poignant occasion for us as ‘Big John’ (John O’Neil) has decided to step down from his role in helping the band with the live shows. He has been with us from the very start and it certainly won’t be the same without his calming influence in those stressful gig situations! We look forward to seeing John enjoying the shows from the audience in the future with a nice pint of cider!

A big thanks to our special guests The Last Cry and Gary Le Strange for helping us to celebrate the new album in style and both played fantastic sets, very much appreciated by all of us. Kevin Burtt from Bas Productions also produced some fantastic visuals which really enhanced the show, very much appreciated! We must also thank Frank Drake and staff at FLAG PROMOTIONS > Gigs, Clubs, Tours for helping make the launch such a success. As always our lovely ladies did a tremendous job in difficult circumstances running the merchandise stand for reasons that we’ll elaborate on in another post!

Finally, we must say a massive thank you to our PR manager and also artwork co-ordinator Cheri Freund who works tirelessly on our behalf with unlimited patience and understanding of the sensitive ‘artistic’ types that we are sometimes! So pleased to have Cheri here in the UK to help us celebrate our 3rd album finally coming to fruition after 3 years of hard work.

See you in 2016 – Pete & Geoff xx

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